Going Backward, But Moving Forward

I picked up grandma’s egg basket, added my new embroidery book and a fresh piece of fabric secured in a small hoop and came outside for my daily dose of coffee, nature watching and blogging.

Knitting Progress?

It may be hard to tell from this photo, but my hat is noticeably smaller than last week. How it took me ten rounds and three color changes to realize there was a problem is beyond me. I think I was so engrossed in the zen of the moment I never noticed that the rounds were not ending at the same place as the pattern. I just kept repeating the sequence in my head and it ended where it ended. NEVER a good way to knit if the pattern matters.

Upon further investigation I realized I had forgotten a crucial step way back at the beginning of the body of the hat. I failed to work the round that increased the number of stitches required to complete the seven, twenty-four stitch repeats. Instead of working on 168 stitches I was still working with 136. Therein lies the fundamental issue. Math matters.

Once the faulty rounds were removed and stitches carefully placed back on the needle, I decided I didn’t really like the colors I had chosen. Color selection for this kind of knitting can be tricky. The colors as chosen for the pattern were hard to come by as this is a very popular design. And, generally speaking, I don’t like to use the colors someone else has suggested. What does one do when faced with such a dilemma? Why order more yarn, of course! So I am now waiting for five more balls of this yarn to arrive. I will have several choices available to me then to knit the Katie’s Kep of my dreams. Or at least one that I will be proud of and want to wear. And I will have plenty leftover for another hat, or possibly a cowl or fingerless gloves. This whole color work knitting thing is new and I think I will be doing much of it in the future.

Needle & Thread

My stitching has kind of come to a stand still. I am bored with the repetition of the running stitch square. I will finish it but I need something else to keep my brain active and focused. I stare at the empty fabric on my embroidery hoop and wonder what in the world am I to do with this? It is a little bizarre, but also very much the same paralysis I feel with a blank journal page. I think the point is to do something…anything. I am not creating a masterpiece or even something that matters in the whole scheme of pandemics and life. No, I am just trying to learn and fill this little circle with colorful stitches.

One of my newest stitching books. This library is growing.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow my little yellow hoop and white fabric will be filled with something that brought joy in the process as well as new skills to my repertoire.

The quilt in the background is one my grandmother made and I grew up using. I haven’t used it in years because it is not in good shape; I didn’t want anything to happen to it. But, thanks to all the visible mending folks in my Instagram world, I have a plan. In truth, this plan began over a year ago but because I was still chasing relevance in the indie yarn world, I set it aside. Now, it calls to me once again.

Tomorrow I will share more about the quilt and how I believe the journey to mend it will become a metaphor for this season of my life.

Until then, I wish for you a peaceful and joy filled day.


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